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Public since July 28th, 2008.

Fobbies are Borange: The Movie, or “Fobbies are Borange Episode 37.5”, is a short film based on the Radio PSI drama series Fobbies are Borange. The video was co-written by Chaz Estell and Martin Tovar, directed by Chaz Estell, and edited by Stephen Georg.

The idea for a Fobbies are Borange movie surfaced in mid 2008, after the success of the show of the same name. When it became evident that the majority of the cast would be attending the annual Convention that year, the idea of a live action incarnation of the show was born. The film included three of the Chosen Four: Ness (Stephen Georg), Paula (Martin Tovar) and Jeff (Benjamin Carignan). The last of the chosen four, Poo (Muhammad A-R), did not attend the convention but was added later in a short, comedic clip. The film features the actors dressed as their FaB counterparts, meaning some ridiculous-looking individuals, including Martin Tovar, who had to become the female Paula.

A script was written up for the project, but much of it was axed before final production. A lot of the end product is actually improvisation. Filming was done on one of the last days of the convention and took a few hours (with transportation) from start to finish. The movie enjoyed mixed reviews. Many viewers didn’t appreciate the intentionally poor quality and dismissed it as half-baked. Still, the majority of fans found the film to be a fun nod to the series as a whole.

A sequel to FaB: The Movie has yet to be confirmed, though the idea of a similar film based on FaB’s successors, “Loid’s are not Christmas” and “Tree From My Youth” is certainly a possibility at this point.


Fobbies are Borange: THE MOVIE was shot on location in Michigan City, Illinois, during the Starmen.Net 2008 Convention.


This video was shot entirely with the Canon HV20 and edited on Final Cut Pro 6 software. Special effects were added in Apple Motion.


(Some language—this video can also be viewed in HD here.)


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